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Telecom industry is developing quickly and thanks to kiosk solutions your company will remain up-to-date with all the latest technology in this industry.

Conversations can be taken on a world level by using kiosks. Information can be exchanged really fast. To communicate with somebody becomes more personal and builds up a mutual trust to one another by using a web camera.


•  Demonstration of communication services
•  Check and bill payment
•  International calls
•  Free internet access
•  Street video telephones
•  Set-up of global conferences
•  Advertising

Communication is the most important thing to connect perfectly with present and coming potential customers. Therefore, it ensures a large income and a development of your business and its reputation. Important deals with customers can be finishing successfully and long – term business relations can be building up by using kiosks. Good communication can save much time and money of your company.


•  Fast and accurate communication with customers
•  Long – term business relations with customers
•  Quick and easy exchange of information
•  Use of kiosks at any location
•  Complete network-access
•  Continuous connection
•  Costs decrease

Other applications:

Shopping Mall and Retail

Banking and Finance




Museums and libraries

Expositions and fairs


Hotels and restaurants

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