Expositions and fairs

Представете бизнеса си по най-добрия начин

Computer terminals of KIOSKY are extremely suitable for an interactive presentation of your products and for a fast public access to the global network during international expositions that symbolize the industrialization and the economic development as a separate country, city or region, and your own business. Expositions of this type are organized in closed or open pavilions squares to demonstrate innovative technologies and achievements. In Bulgaria, kiosks find their application into the expo centers more often which is with an increasing trend and they are even a mandatory application as a sign of professionalism and forward-thinking by any manufacturer who is keeping up with new technologies.


•  Предоставяне на информация за продукта
•  Карта на изложението
•  Киоски за таблети
•  Възможност за принтиране

Our KIOSKY terminals certainly help improving the image of the individual manufacturer company and its product. Kiosks are with elegant design, they give branding opportunity and offer quick access to the Internet, and that surely will impress any visitor of the exposition, in which you have participated, and will become your future client.


•  Атрактивно представяне на бизнеса
•  Новаторски имидж на компанията
•  Задържане на потенциални клиенти на щанда на компанията
•  Улеснен достъп до голямо количество информация за посетителите

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