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Technologies have successfully continued improving healthcare.

Hospitals and healthcare are playing a certain part for the quality of your life. Kiosks can improve the medical care, which doctors and other personnel take pains to the patients. Kiosks give up data base containing all the necessary information that is useful for the personnel and patients and visitors will be able to communicate by using kiosk or to commanding the service of the internet free access.


•  Medical information about patients
•  Follow-up of patients
•  Service information for the patient during his stay
•  Contact between patients and visitors
•  Information and orientation in buildings
•  Height-reduced kiosks
•  Internet access

Human life can be saved thanks to the quick report and the correct information at the exact time. State expenditure is reduced to a minimum and the personnel’s actions are more expedient by using kiosks.


•  Minimalizing administration
•  Ensures a better service
•  Up-to-date information concerning follow-up
•  Better and faster communication between different departments
•  Being hospitalized becomes more comfortable for the patients

Other applications:

Shopping Mall and Retail

Banking and Finance




Museums and libraries

Expositions and fairs


Hotels and restaurants

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