Hotels,Restaurants Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels, bars and restaurants are the “business card” of every city in the world.

Therefore, it is very important for customers to receive the best possible service. To register and to strike your name off the hotel list become more simplified and the time lost in waiting is less than before. Customers will be served more adequate in clubs and restaurants and the staff will do their engagements more effective by using touchpad kiosks.


•  Check-in and check-out in the hotels
•  Information kiosks for orientation in hotels (eg. conference rooms, hotel rooms, facilities,...)
•  Shows an information about the forth coming tours
•  City map
•  Overall tourist information
•  Check up for free rooms
•  Internet access for the guests of the hotel
•  Computer log used for feedback from customers
•  Displaying of menus in restaurants

Customers expect more professional and complete service at this line of business. Kiosks are the perfect machine to achieve this aim.


•  Check-in and check-out in hotels is simplified and sped up
•  Customers will be able to ask about all kind of information referring to restaurants, tours, etc.
•  Added value for customer service in hotels, restaurants and bars
•  Productivity of employees in restaurants and bars increases as they can work faster
•  Increase of loyalty of customers
•  Usefulness of the customers’ service is building up

Other applications:

Shopping Mall and Retail

Banking and Finance




Museums and libraries

Expositions and fairs



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