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Kiosks offer a decision to speed up the check-in at airports and bus stations

Customers will become aware of a new kind of independence as they will be able to choose which airline to fly with on their own, what time to fly at and even which seat to take, too. Kiosks can be put on different public places thus the access becomes unlimited. Tourists will be having the good possible reception as soon as they have been given an opportunity to get the necessary information during their stay.


•  Self – check-in (airports, bus stations, etc.)
•  Reservation information
•  Self – service kiosks for rent a car
•  Internet access
•  Electronic billboards and signboards
•  Building orientation
•  Information during time of traveling
•  Inquire about flights
•  Kiosk application in museums

Traveling and tourism are a part of our life. We are losing less time and less money by using kiosks. Therefore, the productivity grows up.


•  Direct contact between customer and airline companies
•  Kiosks place the accurate information at customers’ disposal
•  Check-in procedures becomes quicker
•  Decrease of employment costs
•  Increase of sales
•  Efficiency

Other applications:

Shopping Mall and Retail

Banking and Finance



Museums and libraries

Expositions and fairs



Hotels and restaurants

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